We’re working to create a great middle school in District 13. Join us.

Community representatives, civic leaders, and public school parents have come together with a vision for a new middle school in Prospect Heights. It’s called M.S. OneBrooklyn.

  • One Brooklyn—where arts and innovation inspire the world, and where students from a spectrum of cultures learn to excel in a global society.
  • One school—in the heart of Brooklyn’s cultural district, designed from the ground up for an optimal learning environment for intermediate school students.
  • One future—for which each student is grounded with skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century, creativity to engage with a changing world, and vision to find their place in it.

Find out more about our vision, meet the organizations and leaders behind it, and join us to help M.S. OneBrooklyn to become a reality for the students of District 13.