The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

Buildings which are used for residential purposes.

Free help for you and your neighbors facing displacement pressure

Posted: August 16, 2017 - 11:14am

For tenants, being prepared can mean the difference between staying in Prospect Heights and getting displaced. Let’s talk about what you can do now.

The cost of a new lease for some apartments in Prospect Heights has nearly doubled over the last fifteen years. Thousands of residents have been displaced during that time. And more apartment buildings are changing hands--often with the expectation by the new owners that new tenants will be willing to pay much higher rent.

The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council (PHNDC) was founded in 2004 to advocate for neighborhood-wide issues on behalf of the Prospect Heights community. PHNDC wants to help community members better understand their rights as tenants. By learning about strategies to address displacement pressure now, tenants have a better chance of keeping their apartments and staying in the neighborhood, no matter what the future may bring. And if building residents are already experiencing tenant harassment, there are resources in the community that can help them organize and fight back.

Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council launches drive to assist rent-stabilized tenants

Posted: June 7, 2017 - 12:48pm

BROOKLYN, NY, June 7, 2017: Today, the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council (PHNDC) announced a new campaign to address displacement pressure experienced by tenants of the neighborhood’s rent-stabilized apartments. Executed in partnership with IMPACCT Brooklyn and, the Know Your Rights, Keep Your Apartment initiative will educate residents of multifamily housing on protecting their rights as tenants, offer web and mobile tools for documenting instances of harassment, and provide referrals for assistance to tenants threatened with displacement.

PHNDC’s research has shown that, over the past fifteen years, as much as twenty percent of the residents of Prospect Heights have been directly displaced from the neighborhood. “We know that Prospect Heights residents believe social and economic diversity is key to maintaining the quality of life in our community,” said PHNDC Chair Rob Witherwax. “This initiative is a response to gentrification and development pressure that ultimately affects everyone living and working in this neighborhood.”

“With our partners IMPACCT Brooklyn and, we’re rolling out a full-lifecycle campaign that prepares tenants with strategies to counter harassment, assistance for when they experience it, and ongoing organizing support,” said Gib Veconi of PHNDC’s Housing Committee.

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Posted: June 5, 2017 - 9:52am

Need help getting repairs in your apartment? PHNDC is teaming up with and IMPACCT Brooklyn to make it easier for you to document neglectful conditions in your building, and take action.

Step 6: Keep your housing options open

Posted: June 5, 2017 - 9:43am

Thousands of new affordable apartments will be build over the next decade in this part of Brooklyn. You have a chance to win one.